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Instagram brings the new option that will…

Has been in testing for the last few months and today, Instagram has officially launched its new option to paste 3 posts to your profile.

As you can see in this example, now, you will be able to find a new ‘Pin’ option via the three-dot function menu to the right of each post. As explained by Instagram:

“Now you can fix up to three posts to stay on top of your profile, giving creators more flexibility to express themselves in their profiles. “Starting today, the feature will be available globally to all users.”

An interesting note here is that this will allow you to post posts, which will provide a range of creative considerations on how you can maximize the attraction of visitors to your profile. As mentioned, Instagram has been testing the option since April, along with other profile personalization options, like the ability to rearrange all posts on your profile.

The update is similar to that of Twitter and TikTok, where you can do virtually the same thing.