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Old Instagram videos lose an important part

Old Instagram videos lose an important part

Many early videos posted on Instagram no longer have audio. Videos posted over a year ago are now silent and a problem results when trying to play the accompanying audio. The problem appears to affect videos that were posted before the end of 2014.

It’s hard to tell what’s going on, but videos posted from June 2013 when Instagram added videos to the platform until October 2014 are now without audio.

The latter does not work regardless of whether the video is placed on a computer, iOS or Android. It seems that most if not all videos in this time period are affected by this problem which turns out to be Instagram and not copyright related.

For loyal Instagram users, the lack of audio in older videos can be a big letdown. Posts are partly a way to preserve memories, and often the accompanying audio plays an important role in the video’s depth and relevance.

It seems that the problem started earlier this year. Meta has announced that it is working on its solution, but has not given any time frame.