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Google launches Bard Ai how it works and competition with ChatGPT

Google launches Bard Ai how it works and competition with ChatGPT

Google has launched BardAi competing strongly with ChatGPT but how can you access BardAi.
BardAi is Google’s newest platform and it is an innovation similar to ChatGPT where the focus is artificial intelligence to return answers to various questions.

BardAi is currently free and can be accessed at bard.google.com via a simple personal Google (Gmail) account.

What is Bard Ai and how does it work?

Bard Ai is a platform that returns answers to any question without touching secret or personal information, Bard Ai returns answers to questions that can be found by simply searching in different sources such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Bard It works directly from Google servers located all over the world and its answers are mainly based on the information contained in various websites indexed in Google Search.

Bard At the moment it was launched, it only responds in English, unlike ChatGPT, which also responds in Albanian, but perhaps the addition of languages will be an update of the platform in the following days.

BardAi vs ChatGPT who wins?

Bard Considering that it is Google’s platform, it is expected to dominate over ChatGPT, but the fight between them is not as simple as it seems, since currently ChatGPT is well received by users and supports several languages, including the Albanian language, unlike Bard i Google that has not yet been trained for the Albanian language.

ChatGPT, unlike BardAi, which has just been launched, also offers integration opportunities with other platforms through the rest API that it offers to developers of applications, platforms and websites.

The platforms have common advantages and disadvantages for people that we will list below:

Advantages :

  • saving time to find information about something
  • several response patterns that are different from each other in record time
  • gathering information from several websites into a single one article writing, blog, problem solving, etc
  • article translations with higher accuracy than regular translations (ChatGPT)

Disadvantages :

  • cut jobs for people by replacing them with robotics and artificial intelligence
  • increasing laziness by people to do research on various issues trusting the answers of artificial intelligence (Chat GPT, BardAi, etc.)
  • endangering personal data as there are cases where artificial intelligence after various attempts has provided hackers with secret and personal information of people and companies.
  • reduction of labor productivity by humans for a given job by seeking the help of artificial intelligence for everything to save time and fatigue

This is an article written on 14/07/2023 and does not contain information and updates of information after this date, any information written above is based on news, announcements and revelations from various media, platforms and research.

Article by Elton HETA