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Youtube comes with innovations for voice search

youtube search with voice ( elton heta )

Youtube search with voice

Do you remember the melody of a song but don’t know the title? Leave Shazam because there’s an easier way.

YouTube is running an experiment on Android devices through which users can search for songs by humming the lyrics, a step beyond Apple’s Shazam app.

Users can search for songs by humming, singing or recording them. People who are part of the test can change from the audio search icon to the new option and perform one of the above actions for more than 3 seconds.

The platform identifies the melody and displays the possible results of the requested song such as original video, user video and shorts.

If the test is successful, YouTube will apply it to all Android users since the platform is the main destination to search for songs.

How can you search for a song on YouTube by singing the melody?

If the option has appeared, you must click on the microphone symbol and sing for more than 3 seconds the melody you want to find.

Does this way to find a song always work?

This is a new function of Youtube and it is still in the testing phase, if the testing will be successful it will be very easy.

Do I have to pay for this version, any YouTube plan or is it free?

This option is FREE but currently it has not been shown to everyone as it is in testing.