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The petition that must be signed by every Albanian speaker

As a young Albanian who works every day with technology, I have encountered many problems regarding the recognition of the Albanian language by Google platforms.
As a result of this, I took the initiative to create a petition for the recognition of the Albanian language by Google platforms such as Google AdWords and Google Adsense, as this is penalizing many Albanian businesses, but not only for working in the Albanian language.
If today a business will advertise its products in Albania or all over the world through Google AdWords, it will be impossible since Google does not allow ads in the Albanian language.
Therefore, I call on every Albanian speaker and all those who see this petition as important not to hesitate to share it with their friends and to vote for it as soon as possible, as it will really bring many positive aspects to businesses and to Albanian speakers.
I would also sincerely ask Google to treat the Albanian language and Albanians like any other nation as there is no reason to hinder the Albanian language in 2022.
Albanians are among the most active peoples on social networks and this should be an incentive for Google to support their language as well.
With respect Elton Heta addressed to the giant of the online world “Google”.

Click here and sign the petition!