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What is a domain?

The domain is the address of our website. To understand more clearly if I ask you where the Eiffel tower is located you will tell me that it is located in Paris, France while if you will ask me what your domain is I will tell you it is old.eltonheta.com so the domain is our internet address.

What does a domain consist ofc?

A domain has a name and a suffix, so in my case the name is “eltonheta” and the suffix is ​​”.tech”

The suffix has a certain meaning, for example .org is used by organizations, .edu is used by educational centers such as universities, etc., .gov is used by state institutions, etc.

What is hidden behind a domain?

An IP is always hidden behind a domain, for example behind Google.com is the IP of the google server which is but varies from case to case for security reasons.

I hope this material has helped you and I am clear in what I have expressed.
You will find other materials here so remember this domain if you opened it by accident.