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WhatsApp does not stop, soon 5 new changes

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app will add new features again. In early 2022, the platform introduced emoji feedback, voice message enhancement and WhatsApp Communities, but at least 5 innovations are planned.

Changing messages

One of the most talked about options is to change the messages sent. It is still in the testing phase, but will allow senders to edit spelling errors or misinformation after sending their message. In all likelihood, change history will not be available.

Immediate departure from groups

Groups are the focus of the platform this year. So far the number of participants in them and the distribution of larger files has increased. There is talk of working on an option called Group Polling, which allows members of a group to vote in polls. In the following it will be possible to leave the groups anonymously, which is made known only to its administrator.

WhatsApp Business users can now see more information about the authors

WhatsApp Business beta has more information on the message sent, including the device from which it was launched. This option is useful if it is more than one device connected to the account. Also, in a conversation, store owners can add orders received with that of Order.

Disappearing Messages will no longer allow automatic image storage

Disappearing Messages was introduced as an option to increase privacy in conversations. But users will be able to save selected messages even if this option is enabled. A command is also being tested to prevent automatically saving images sent in Disappearing Mode, so they will not be displayed in the sender’s gallery.