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Whatsapp makes a sudden change

The WhatsApp app for iOS and Android devices should get a new feature soon.

It is a new feature that will allow users to report certain messages on this platform instead of whole conversations. It will be an addition to the existing login option that allows WhatsApp users to register individuals and businesses based on the entire conversation.

WhatsApp is currently testing a new feature for Android and iOS devices. Malicious, offensive and spam messages are common on WhatsApp despite the fact that for some time now there has been an opportunity to report the party sending such messages, according to the Telegraph.

So far, there are no official details about the new feature, but the media writes that the new login process will be different from the existing one in which the last five messages are sent to WhatsApp after the user registers with a user or other business.

Beta users can see the new Report option when touching and holding their finger on a particular denial. This option is now next to the existing Star, Reply, Forward, Copy and Delete options.

This news was written by BOS.al and adapted by Elton HETA.