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Apple, the first company to reach a market value of $ 3 trillion

American technology giant Apple has become the first company that is estimated to have a market value of 3 trillion dollars. According to the BBC the firm’s share price has risen by about 5,800% since co-founder and former chief executive Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone in 2007. Apple is one of the companies that […]

Blackberry phones are out of order

Today they are not so popular, but a few years ago Blackberry mobiles were preferred by a large mass of users. In 2012, 80 million people used a Blackberry phone. But with the empowerment of the iPhone and Samsung, the Canadian company could not rival the two tech giants. Blackberry uses its own operating system, […]

Generating Bitcoin requires 8 times more power than Google and Facebook

The process of producing Bitcoin virtual currency requires a high consumption of electricity. A single Bitcoin transaction requires an average of 1173 kilowatt / hours, enough energy that a normal home consumes in 2-3 months. The data was made public by MoneySuperMarket.com, according to which Bitcoin seems to be the “most eager” virtual currency for […]

Instagram soon paid platform

Instagram is testing a new option which will affect the success of the app. The new option is for paid subscriptions to view public account posts on Instagram. Testing originally started in the US, when about 10 different creators including basketball player, astrologer, influncer will see the performance of their accounts based on this. This […]

WhatsApp changes that make it easier for you to communicate

WhatsApp is making it easier to share messages across several categories for app users. If you are one of the 2 billion people who use this app you know well what it means to find a message in multiple groups or between hundreds of conversations. The platform owned by the company “Meta” has so far […]

The iPhone 13 is already bulletproof

The iPhone is known as one of the strongest and most secure phones. You can already find such a phone in the anti-bullet version. The Caviar company has remodeled these phones and thanks to the titanium wrap they can also resist bullets. The iPhone 13 Pro comes at a price of $ 6,370 and is […]

The simplest message sent sells for a dizzying amount

The first message ever sent was “Merry Christmas” and sold for 107,000 Euros at an auction house in Paris. This text was sold as “NFT” which means unique part, which can not be replaced by anything else. So if you exchange one bitcoin with another, that is getting the same thing, but exchanging NFTs yields […]

Instagram has ready the changes that will help teens

Instagram has announced that there will be some changes to the app that will come as a help to teens and their parents. The BBC writes that these changes will be a help for parents, who will have more control over their children for their activity on this social network. Parents will see how much […]

Whatsapp makes a sudden change

The WhatsApp app for iOS and Android devices should get a new feature soon. It is a new feature that will allow users to report certain messages on this platform instead of whole conversations. It will be an addition to the existing login option that allows WhatsApp users to register individuals and businesses based on […]