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Public appeal to Google for the platform in Google Ads and Google AdSense.

Public appeal to Google for the platform in Google Ads and Google AdSense.

Google, please restore the Albanian language in Google Ads and Google Adsense

The petition addressed to Google is reaching +7500 signatures and so far I have explained the situation and the petition on 7 televisions, 1 radio and on every social network.

This petition was started based on a healthy rationale and logic to improve businesses, life and media.

This public letter is addressed to Google by me as I am the initiator of the petition but emphasizing that I am equal to anyone who signed the petition.

The Albanian language currently penalizes several countries, mainly Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.

I think the Albanian language should be part of the Google Ads and Google Adsense platforms because:
– it is the only language in the region and the Balkans that is penalized
– the interest of businesses to advertise in Google Ads is very high, this is proven and the attempts made that you can easily see
– the Albanian language is spoken today by at least 12 million people
– Albanian artists, it is mainly worth mentioning musicians, singers, actors, painters, programmers, etc. are not equal to artists of another language accepted in Google Ads, this is because Albanian artists cannot generate income as businesses in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia do not can advertise in the Albanian language.
– Albanian-language media today fail to turn their audience into income through Google Adsense, forcing them to find advertisements individually, which brings many problems to their economic independence and freedom of speech, since the media cannot write the reality for a sponsor that even though it may be negative today is the only possibility to ensure income.
– The Albanian language accepted on these platforms will bring innovation to the world of technology, creating hope among technology enthusiasts that each of their ideas can turn into economic independence and a source of income for them.
– The Albanian-speaking people today are very active and the search engine that occupies a space of use among them is Google.
– the Albanian-speaking people are a people who voluntarily contribute to many platforms such as Google Maps, Google Translate, etc. for reporting problems and improving them.

I think the reasons above are enough to make Google review this issue and situation to give the Albanian language the opportunity to be equal to the others.

Directing you to Google with a sincere call to look at our request as a priority, I would ask each of you to share this public call in order for Google to look at this request.

I want to remind everyone that the petition is still ongoing and you can find it at the link below.

Petition : https://change.org/add-albania/

Thank you!